Confining Local Mobile Consumers by Capitalizing on Local Search Marketing

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One of the big search engine, Bing, is provided by the Microsoft has recently presented a mouth dropping statistic. It was affirmed that 53 percent of mobile searches on Bing are local in temperament. The said issue is surprising thinking that it was only last March did Google broadcast that local intent of their mobile searches os behind one-third.

It is indeed a surprising record but it supposedly should not. Personal Computers in 2012 as research show is expected to be outsell due to the booming of smartphones and mobile connectivity. Users as observed, only pick up their phones and do a quick search on closest restaurants or checking what is the latest movies in the nearest theatres. With these factors, a local search provider has come up with the idea on the implementation of “search to store” functions.

As a smartphone user, most of my mobile queries have heavily influenced my purchasing decisions. By being mobile it allows me to be connected to the web and be in the middle of a crowded mall sale at the same time. Most of the time I have used my mobile browser to compare products before making a purchase. I have also noticed that I have relied heavily on recommendations from other consumers and has swayed my decision on where to eat at times.

Also, before getting a specific Item, I take advantage of checking it in my mobile browser to do comparison on several products before buying it. I admit that my decisions regarding items to purchase was also based on the recommendations from other consumers.

With this trend it is time to embrace and optimize on local search marketing if you have not already. This could eventually determine a potential sale or totally missing out to your competition.

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