Getting To Know Your Website Search Engine Competition

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Any great battle that has ever been won, has partly been dependant on one opponent getting to know the other opponent better. The same applies in business. You must get to know your opponent, who in this case is your competitor. The best way to get to know him is to learn what he is doing right, and what is creating his success. So in other words you must do a complete analyses on the workings of their website. Here is an analytical format that may prove of some value to you in learning about your competition. It can also serve as a checklist reminder of what you should be doing to get the best search engine optimization possible.

The structures of the URLs: This is your starting point. Look to see if you can tell a little bit about their website just from the keywords of the URL. Also note whether they are static/dynamic.

Meta Data: One should analyze the Meta Data of the competitor’s website. Emphasis should be given in finding out the meta keywords that are incorporated in the meta data of the pages. Are they visible in the title and description for the page One should also check if the meta keywords are visible in the title and description of the particular webpage.

Locate the site map. You need to see how well laid out the site navigation is. It should be quick and easy to get from one area to another. The links to the various pages should be text links. These are the types of links that the major search engines prefer. It is well worth the time to plan your navigation properly. There are some areas that you can rush in your website building but this is one area that you will to really devote some attention to.

The link backs are very important, as they should be on your site as well. There must be a good quantity of them. Quantity is not enough though, they must also be high quality links as well. The major search engines base decisions on these links. For example if they are good quality, and there are lots linking to the site, then the search engines figures the site must be good, and they will view it the same way. So when it comes time to ranking they will base their scores on these findings.

The age of your site: The search engines take a close look at the age of the websites.

See how many pages the competition has on their site. Now determine how many of those pages have been indexed with the major search engines. Google, MSN and Yahoo are quite easily able to index top ranking sites.

Page rank of home page. Google evaluates the web page and has a scoring system of between 0-10.This is where the value of the incoming links plays an important role. Google uses these for its assessment of the site. The more quantity with quality the links portray, the higher the score. It can be checked through PRChecker, or even the Google toolbar can be used to check it.

Every website should have some important pages. These are the pages where you will learn the most from in respect to the competitor’s success. You can utilize an online tool like SEOmoz to help you find the information you need. Once again its going to point back to the success of the links. You are going to get a very good idea as to how strong their content is by knowing what their ranking is. Strive to make every page on your website an important one. If you set your standards high, then you will be constantly striving to meet your goals and monitor the continued growth of your site. It is very important that you do not allow your site to become stale.

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