Guest Posts To A Blog – Do They Bring More Traffic?

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Guest posts are often touted as a way to drive traffic to your website; combined with your other SEO efforts this type of promotion can be successful. Just be warned though that guest posts are probably not a magic bullet it can take time to really see results from this. When it comes to guest posts there are two types – the one that you post to other peoples’ websites and the ones that other people post to your site.

Some of the advantages of having other people provide a guest post for your blog are fairly obvious. The main advantage is the fact that you are getting other people working for your site and this is often provided free of charge. However there are other benefits of this.

Any person providing a guest post is likely to promote it and this can mean a cross-fertilisation of new fans to your blog. Your blog’s reputation is certain to improve if you have a respected person posting to it. There are some people who will pay other people to post to their blogs but before doing this you need to work out whether or not this is going to be cost effective.

Guest posts as previously mentioned can include posts that you place on someone else’s’ blog. Doing this is one way to get attention and to highlight your own website. You should see an increase in your blog’s traffic if the blog you post to is popular and you never know some of these visitor’s might decide that they like your blog too.

The other advantage of a guest post is that it helps you build relationships. However you might be refused by some of the popular blogs if you offer to post to them even if you are doing it for free; the fact that they are so popular means they are allowed to be choosy. If you have built a reputation though you could receive hundreds of pounds for a single guest post on another website.

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