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Article Marketing has become a very powerful tool in anyone’s online business and it can drive a considerable amount of traffic if done right. If you are looking to obtain more visitors to your site use these article marketing traffic ideas and watch your business explode. Article marketing is a great way to get a constant flow of traffic to your site by providing valuable content, choosing the correct keywords and submitting to the right sites.

What Are You Writing About?

Just like a book, your website should have a main theme and then be broken down into specific other pages that has a very specific relevance to the main site. Some people use a capture page that only provides a little bit of information and is geared to obtain the visitors name and email, which is actually a big turn off to many readers. When you do write a article or blog post it is a great idea to have anywhere from 650 to 1000 words in the article to give a good overview but not over do it. Other recommendations would be to use small words and do a bit of research on the subject so you brand yourself as an expert.

Keyword Research

Completing the right amount of keyword research up front will help your articles rank very high on the search engines and allow you to obtain great amounts of article marketing traffic. Depending on which industry you are in, some keywords are very competitive and practically millions of articles have been written using certain keywords, like the keyword, home business opportunity. This keyword and many more like it are so saturated with articles and videos, the ability for you to rank on page one of a search engine are slim and next to none. The way you can find specific keywords that you could write an article on and rank on page one of any search engine is to use a keyword research tool that shows different statistics on that keyword.

Have An Enticing Title

Consider the title of your article the cover to your book, if it looks sounds great and is intriguing, it has a higher chance of producing readers. Most successful articles use titles that provide a way to improve a problem in a very easy way, for example, Three Simple Steps To Gain More Readers. Be aware though that what ever you have in your title must be provided within your article, if you do provide solid content and a legitimate solution you have a greater chance of people sharing your content. Make sure that you avoid is to claim, Four Simple Steps, and only provide two or provide four steps that no one can implement, remember at all times that your name and your reputation is connected to the content you submit.

Your Reader Does Not Like Spam Either

Many people that write articles or provide content online, lose most of their readers and never get new readers because people are busy; think of the amount of time that you spend online, are you looking for something specific? Most individuals that are online are looking for a solution to a problem, and with the power of the internet we have so much information at our fingertips with just a click of the mouse. When you provide content, make sure that it is short but sweet, no more than a thousand words and if it is a video no more than a few minutes. People don’t have time to read a two thousand word article so don’t write one, keep it to the point and don’t ramble.

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