Organic Traffic The Most Effective Home Business Marketing Tool

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Building an E-commerce site on the Internet today isn’t what it used to be. Just the competition alone is intimidating, with everyone trying to get a share of the existing market, so it makes sense to employ just about every method available to increase your share of the market

Let’s face facts we are in this for the money. Altruism is not the primary motivation to put a website on the Internet to provide information for the world. Albeit there are some that provide information for the sake of providing free information to others. I have just started to provide free information sites on a variety of topics that are near and dear to me, just for the sake of providing information to others. There is no monetary gain. For the most part though the majority of my websites are commercial in nature and are profitable. The majority of sites though are out there to turn a profit. I don’t think that profit is a dirty word either.

Fundamentally website traffic drives our businesses and ultimately determines if we make money or not. Without traffic we have no customers and without customers we have no business. Website traffic is just like pedestrian traffic walking buy a storefront. The more people that walk buy the greater the odds that some of them will come into your store and ultimately buy your products.

To be honest, no one spends the time and money to create a website and maintain just for their own satisfaction.

The vastness of the Internet has opened new avenues for customers that are unprecedented. Advertise a product from the US and find a buyer in Thailand almost instantly. this is what makes the Internet one of the most valuable assets for small business.

Generating traffic however is not an easy task on the Internet. You have to contend with a great number of sites to generate decent traffic flow. However, if done successfully this opens up a plethora of possibilities. Of course one of those benefits is monetizing your traffic flow.

Therefore, to get to the core of it the creating more traffic you need to understand the types of traffic available.I break down traffic into two basic categories: Organic and Paid.

If you are looking for a short term solution to website traffic, you won’t find it in Organic traffic. Most all organic traffic is generated by search engines to your site. Although it’s highly targeted and can be substantial for highly active keywords or keyword phrases it’s time consuming in that it will not happen overnight and it’s really rare if it happens within a week or two. It’s a long term strategy that will pay off over time.

Paid traffic however, can produce targeted traffic as well and can be as fast as a few hours of a listing. The most popular paid traffic is pay per click ads. The largest PPC advertising comes from Google AdWords. Adwords can and will produce substantial views to your website, however it can get expensive. Yahoo Marketing also offers a similar product. Both products are primarily text type ads, although today you can specify text, image or video. A small percentage of today’s paid traffic is still in banner advertising but most of the banner ads are now part of the two major advertisers Google and Yahoo.

The most prudent way of getting started would not be to jump right into PPC advertising. Try the alternatives first.

There is some logic though, for using Pay Per Click advertising right away. First you will understand almost immediately if there is a demand for your product, if there is PPC traffic will pay off in spades. Do the math first and came up with some conservative estimates on clicks to conversion. Tip: If you have a good CTR (Click Through Rate but a lousy conversion rate you may need to tune up your sales page. Don’t waste money, if you are having a problem turn it off and re-think your strategy.

Organic traffic, without question, is the best type of traffic for your website. First because it can bring highly targeted traffic to you site from individuals who are searching for your specific keyword phrases. Second, because you are obviously doing all the right things on your website that the search engines like as well. This can only mean that you will appear in other search engine results pages as well.

At the end of the day you have to decide what you can afford to do and what is the best method for your niche and products.

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