Persuasive Marketing Principles-How To Get Customers To Buy

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Do you find that no matter how hard you try, even with targeted traffic; visitors simply do not buy? Are you having trouble converting visitors in to customers? Are your visitors not converting to customers? Are you seeking more online sales from your website?

Take on these principles and learn how to use persuasive marketing to your advantage. Each principle is tried and tested, we use themselves every day to great result. It isn’t enough just to have a great website, or targeted traffic.

One of the most important principles of persuasive marketing is getting out of your own frame of reference and positioning yourself as the customer. There are all kinds of techniques which people teach to do this, but if you are able to really capture the mindset instead the end result will be more natural. Go to your website and ask yourself: Why would I want to stay at this site? What is in it for me? Really be honest with yourself and you may be surprised at what you find.

The emotive principal is one of the most important of all. Understand why your customers are making their purchase decisions & sell to their emotive needs; not the features. Think about when you see a coca cola ad? It is all about freedom, great times, fun in the sun etc – the ad doesn’t outline how sickly sugary the syrup is or what the features of each ingredient entails. Sell to the end users emotions.

Ask yourself: What is going to raise interest about my specific product or service? The curiosity principle is what first builds interest. You must obtain a visitors attention, before they will make a purchase. So be sure to be selective about the information you disclose, Don’t give away all the answers, to entice them to ask you questions.

Another principle of persuasive marketing is bread crumbing information to your customers and leaving a trail right to your product. The secret to getting this to work is not giving them too much information, just enough to keep them interested. You can begin with making a statement up front which suggests that there is something interested to learn from your company. For instance: Can you guess what the most persuasive selling strategy is?

Generating the sale is a combination of all of the listed tactics in this article, you must combine the strategies of building curiosity & interest with delivery of the ‘right’ amounts of information to fuel the emotive purchase decision.

Personalization always sells, no matter the product or service. You must ensure the offering presented relates directly to the end user. Don’t try and sell a product or service that ‘you’ appeals to you; personalize it so that as a collective the principles we present here appeal to the visitor.

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