SEO Content Writing – Tips To Making Quality Content To Increase Site Traffic

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It takes a lot of practice to truly get down the art of SEO content writing. It’s pretty often that people jump into an SEO campaign and assume that they can write without putting much thought into it and not have to worry about the keyword density or the quality content. This is a grave error. The two biggest factors of a website’s success are the sheer amount and quality of content that is available, as well as each page within a site’s keyword density.

How many times a particular word or phrase is put into a page is referred to by the term keyword density. For instance, if an articles has 400 words with the keyword phrase inserted a total of 10 times, it has the density of 2.5%. This is a decent number when nothing else on the page the content will be published on contains the keyword. Meta tags as well as titles will factor into the article’s overall density of that particular page, so do mind how much it is used in an article and a page overall. Google will take notice if a particular word or phrase occurs too often and it may exclude your website from search results completely because of this.

When doing your SEO content writing, the actual information you include can make or break your entire campaign. Even if your website’s optimization is perfect, poor quality content can run your traffic amount into the ground. Avoid brand specifics when talking about a subject, and do not include your personal opinions when writing. The word “I” can make the legitimacy of the content go right out the window and make it seem like it is a personal testimonial as opposed to quality information.

The king of SEO marketing is quality content. You need to make sure you find a balance between optimization and the overall quality of your content. What is actually, though, is what will organically pull in traffic. Automatic SEO is the overall optimization of your website, while organic SEO has more to do with how “natural” your SEO campaign and sites feel and how likely it is that readers and fans will enjoy and link your content to outside sources. Creating your own links outside of your own web space does not work as SEO that is organic. If you find someone else has linked your web page elsewhere, that’s when you’re doing something right.

Avoiding the beginner’s mistakes of keyword stuffing and first-person views is key to good SEO content writing. Taking your knowledge of the subject and making it into actual content that readers can use and share with others will be the best thing you can do towards boosting your traffic.

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