Small business SEO secrets you have to know

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I have been a small business SEO consultant for small business for 15 years. The biggest challenge facing small businesses today is consumers purchasing process has changed. Consumers will look to the Internet today when researching to make a purchase. While traditional media can still play an important part in your marketing strategy you need to have tracking phone numbers and unique offers for every ad you run to identify what is really effective. Once you identify the nonproductive part of your traditional advertising budget put it into digital advertising. What really goes into a Small Business SEO best practices strategy?

With that said it is imperative the small business person understands Internet marketing to be successful! My mission is to EMPOWER all Small businesses to achieve maximum prosperity free! What are the Small Business SEO secrets to beat your competition to the top of the search results? This short but powerful article will reveal the Small Business SEO secrets to a marketing a business today!

It all begins with understanding why your competition is appearing on the top of the search engines for your keyword phrases. You will need some free tools to help you. The first free tool is a browser plugin called SEO Quake. Search for it on Google, download the plugin and install it. After you install it make sure it is turned on and do a search on the search engines for all the keyword phrases you want to target. Start a report listing the top websites on the search engine results pages. Your new plugin will add a list of inside information about each competitor. Add to your report each websites PR ranking, how many backlinks they have, the age of the domains, what sites they are listed on and who is linking to them.

Now do a search for a Google account and open a free account. You will need this for a number of Small Business SEO tactics but right now just to get more results with Google Keywords Tools. After you login to your Google account go to Google Keyword Tools and put in the website addresses of your competitors. This will reveal the keywords your competitors are targeting. Sort by local or global depending upon your marketing focus then click download and choose all and add them to your spreadsheet. Take the keywords you feel are the best to attract your in marketing buyer and add them to the keyword box. Take note of the keywords with over 1000 searches a month and a midrange of competition. Those keywords are the easiest to initially target.

Go back to Google and start searching for the keywords you think you want to target with quotes “keyword phrase”. Take note of the About xx,xxx Results. This will reveal the number of websites that are focused on that Exact Match keyword phrase. You are looking for keyword phrases that have under 30,000 websites focusing on those an exact match Small Business SEO keyword phrases.

By now you should have a sizable list of targeted keywords with over 1000 searches a month and under 30,000 exact match keyword focused competing sites. Take those keywords and go to a bulk domain registration site and see if any of those keyword phrases have .com, .org or .net domains available (in that order). If you feel those keyword phrases target your in market buyers buy the best domain (.com if possible), make the other keywords into categories and write 500 word articles focused around the them. Use your keyword phrase in the page title, description and image alt tags. Ping each article at, submit them to social bookmarketing sites and add your call to action to your site e.g. buy product, call a number or submit their e-mail in exchange for a free report. Open an account with Aweber to manage your e-mail list.

Now on to offsite Small Business SEO. You need to create one way keyword specific links going back to your site. Each link from other sites represents a vote to the search engines that your site should be listed for that specific keyword phrase. To do this start writing articles every week with the same keyword focus of the article on your site and submit them to the article directories. Each article should have your keyword hyperlinked back to the article it is promoting 2 times. Create blogs on Blogger, HubPages and WordPress. Create a Squidoo lens. Put together some videos and submit them to TubeMogul free who will submit them to the video sites like YouTube. Start a Facebook account and a business fan page. If you do all this yourself it is free but you can hire someone to do this for you.

If you are a local business make sure you submit your site to the local directories of Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are also tons of free Directories, Yellow Pages, Local Search Engines, Local Business Listings, and Local Networks you should add your business listing too. A shortcut to getting listed on the popular business portals just submit to InfoUSA and SuperPages as they supply listings to many of the major local business portals.

For free step by step training and tools to automate the whole process plus every Internet Marketing secret in existence please become a member of my free Small Business SEO site. Go to Small Business SEO and watch your business soar!

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