Small Businesses Not Keeping Up With SEO!

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Center for Media Research – According to analysis by Webvisible and Nielsen, and reported by Marketing Charts, even though nearly 63% of the public and local small business owners select the net to start with to get specifics regarding local merchants and 82% choose search engines like Google to do so, barely 44% of businesses have a web-site and 1 / 2 dedicate much less than 10% of their own marketing spend on the internet.

The study locates an accelerating trends towards media for increasing local search listings. Still, the survey reveals a large issue between how company owners act as customers compared to the way they advertise their small businesses on the net.

The review noticed that search engine listings are the most popular source for locating businesses:

– 82% employ engines like Google

– 57% employ the Yellow Pages directories

– 53% employ the local newspapers

– 49% employ the Internet Yellow Pages

– 49% utilize the Television

– 38% employ paper mail

– 32% use White Pages directories

Of all local small businesses surveyed, 50% claimed search engines were the first place they considered when trying to find a community business.

Well over 92% of people say they are pleased with outcomes they get when selecting search engines, although many individuals report that they are repeatedly not being able to track down a identified small business. It suggests, , searchers may very well decide on a related business with a more potent web presence.

The report observed that internet search along with email notifications are the only sorts of business marketing which are expanding among individuals who want to track down community offerings. When compared with 2 years ago, participants report they use search engines and email much more, while they use papers, mail and radio much less:

Inspite of the expanding utilization of internet based advertising for local searches, just 41% of small businesses report switching to online search engines to start with, while most choose phone book first. Moreover, just 44% of small businesses have got their own web site or blog.

When implementing a search engine to chose a small business that they already know is out there, only 19% of study participants said they never or rarely encountered trouble finding the company . 39% state they persistently have problems finding a local business that they are searching for.

While much less than 1/2 small businesses have a web site, those which do seem to be unsatisfied overall with their online advertising and marketing. Among small businesses which have a internet presence;

– Over 51% feel both the quality and capacity of their website to help acquire new prospects is only “poor”

– Only 30% of business owners feel that they ordinarily do a better job of advertising and marketing as compared to a close competitor

– Just more than 78% feel they promote in the exact places as rivals

– Just 7% of small company owners state their main advertising goal is to get increased traffic to their web-site

– Just more than 61% invest fewer than three hours each week advertising their website

– Just less than 99% of small business people are closely concerned in the actual advertising

– Almost 65% believe it’s very mandatory to know where their customers come from

– Barely 9% seem to be happy with their businesses web marketing and advertising efforts

– 78% of local entrepreneurs allot 10% or even much less of their budget to advertising and marketing

In the past two years, 43% of small businesses have multiplied the use of website SEO – SEM in their advertising and marketing campaigns. In contrast, conventional advertising platforms is losing out:

– Almost 23% employ Yellow Pages less

– Just less than 42% say they work with the regional newspapers much less *For our purposes, the phrase “local business” refers to just about any retail company in a participant’s regional community, such as restaurants, entertainment venues, bars etc. and services such as medical spas, plumbers and tax firms. ” Yellow Pages” makes reference to on line Yellow Pages web pages like,, etc.

So exactly what can we extrapolate from this if you’re a local business?

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