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Social media Los Angeles, local marketing and SEO business services. Whatever social media, social media marketing  you use, the combination approach of social media and SEO is the best internet marketing strategy for California businesses desiring social media ROI. Social media can deliver client leads due to the ocean like interaction of people in the social network. But is your business really searched in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? For our model B2B, yes it works fine, we get leads for social media and SEO often. However, is your business type really a prospect being queried in social media? If you are a local LA business surgeon, lawyer, doctor, chiropractor, car dealership owner perhaps not?  Our social media marketing in Los Angeles can get targeted new client leads by Google analytics tracking where “the real traffic is”  Without the knowledge of where the leads are and “follow the money trail” what are you really looking to do?  Your local business can adapt social media and local search engine marketing by utilizing free or cost effective local services. Do you use Local, Google places, Amazon local, Yelp Groupon?  All these “localized” resources can link to your social media profile for targeted social interaction and synchronicity with search engine marketing. Google places merits “citations” which are a direct result of social media interaction. This means many local Los Angeles businesses can get a page one local places listing by “optimizing social media to local targets”

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Using Facebook contextual ads, Facebook places, Twitter local trends and the hundreds of social media sites are you getting conversions? If your business model is not directly adaptive to Facebook conversion you are probably better off converging social media and SEO. Corporate research and deep analysis of Facebook as a business model reveal only 7% of sales can be attributed to the social media giant. Conversely Google searches and SEO garner a whopping 94% in sales due to direct client inquiry’s.  This is just common sense,  just ask “would I look for my own business within social media” So,  why do I even need social media marketing?  Well, if you are blindly dealing with a social media marketing company that “handles all your social media” without knowing about SEO you may be paying for a tiny margin of conversion or nothing.  All the talk about “engage your audience” your audience actually needs to be there! If people are looking  for say professional business services in Los Angeles, California like doctors, lawyers, dentist  do you really think they query in Facebook?

Example: In Google approximately 12.000 queries are made every month for the term “cosmetic surgery Los Angeles”  To get this massive traffic you need to enlist social media as beneficial to SEO.  We have a client on page 1 Google for this keyword now getting conservatively two new “major procedure” clients per week.  This along with the referrals, non invasive’s means major new profits for his practice in a less than soft economy.


social media Los Angeles

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In house social media marketing may seem the most cost effective way to go, but in truth is the opposite. You are paying full or part time wages to someone just “messing around on Facebook”  this can be a waste of resource and if you cannot quantify real lead generation best perhaps to forget about it. It is a one way ticket to employee abuse and lost ROI. So how much does social media and local search optimization cost from a qualified service utilizing video production, multimedia brand building and SEO integrated with social media? A lot less than hiring an employee. A social media marketing company that integrates SEO can bring in 25-60% more clients for professional services like doctors or attorneys in the greater Los Angeles area.

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Marketing services with antiquated media screams to potential clients you are out if touch. Newspaper, local TV, print have a place in marketing but without an internet social media presence most clients will get switched off.  The truth is  even mature and the elderly have embraced social media beyond most business’s awareness and are missing the point.  Social media Los Angeles can engage clients right now who are seeking the best services at the best price. Contact us for a cost effective no contract social media plan that ‘follows the money” and works.

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