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Anyone who works in this business is always looking for more charity leads; we all have our go to list when a new product or service becomes available, often known as our friends and family leads. The larger this list is the more people you have to turn to, before you reach out to other less effective sources; these outside sources generally have a return rate far below those on our personal list. It would only make sense that increasing the size of your go to list is something we all want to work on. Social networking sites are a gold mine for leads and do to the social nature of charity, are easy pickings.

People take interest in charities for two causes; either for general welfare of humanity or for having a thing to boast about amongst their peers. People with an inclination towards being renowned, use these benevolent campaigns as a staircase to fame by investing time and money into them. Social networking sites validate the fact that certain people do flaunt their charity related activities. You can take advantage of this trait of theirs by formulating personal groups named after your cause.

By accepting these people into your group, you formulate an interdependency bond. When in need of contributions you can directly contact the people interested in your cause. They’d be more than willing to empty their pockets as they have a point to prove to their friends by being part of your noble cause.

Suitable management on your part can help you to expand your contact list (which might be consisting of merely friends and family in the beginning). This would reduce the calls that you might have to place to look for charity leads beyond your personal list. Formulation of social networking groups requires a considerable amount of effort and patience in the beginning when you are congregating people of similar interest.

The first few weeks or months may seem slow going as you scrape together members, but overtime the people who have joined will entice their friends to join and the numbers will grow rapidly until you have more leads than you can comfortable handle.

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