Some Great SEO Tips For The New Year

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You may have set yourself a New Years resolution that you are going to get your website to the next level. This is a noble aspiration and one you should be able to do if you follow through with real commitment. The following are some of the great SEO tips which should help you to get your website to where you want it.

– Make sure that there is a sitemap available as the search engines tend to like this. If you are using something like WordPress then you will be able to download an application that will produce this sitemap for you. If you re not using WordPress then don’t despair because all you have to do to add the sitemap to your website is to find the code online and add it to your site.

– Optimise your internal links as these can be a great way of increasing your page views. If you link back to previous posts then your visitors will start reading these too. Your internal links must be relevant but this should not be a big issue just try to make sure you can link your current posts to your older posts when you are writing them.

– There are many applications that can encourage visitors to check out other articles on your website. You can highlight your other posts if you use applications such as ‘most popular posts’ or ‘recent posts’~Applications such as ‘popular posts’ or ‘latest posts’ are a great way to get other articles highlighted.

– Now is the time to start planning some guest posts for the New Year. As well as providing you with incoming links, you can increase your visitors numbers because visitors to the site that you are guest posting on, may decide to visit your site too. One of the best ways to actually build up your followers is by guest posting.

You should try to use more suitable titles for your posts in terms of SEO and look for some more competitive keywords.

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