Successful Web Site Marketing Strategy Components

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With millions of websites offering similar content competing for the same visitors, web site marketing strategy often overshadows both the company and its product. Many solid companies with useful products have failed due to lack of an online presence. Meanwhile, marketers with a knack for attracting visitors earn millions with a few pages and nothing else besides.

The components of all such successful strategies are quite similar. There’ll be a whiz-kid handling SEM & SEO, the social media visibility will be high, and a blog will be the gathering point for a community of regular and loyal commenters. How to implement each one of these components can be learnt from one of the many resource sites.

But let’s just go through an overview for each aspect, just to underline its importance. There is, of course, nothing that can bring more visitors and sales than search engine traffic, which can be either organic (unpaid) or as a result of a targeted SEM campaign. The simplest advice is that every company or individual should either set aside a whole lot of time to it or hire an expert.

The second biggest source of traffic for a website is the social networks. Ongoing engagement aside, a viral marketing campaign on twitter, facebook, youtube and other social networks can bring unimaginably massive traffic. The campaign should offer attractive rewards or discounts, in return for which people would be required to follow or friend the company’s social media accounts.

Blogs offer another way of bringing in new visitors and retaining loyal customers. Blog posts need to have a unique point of view with a healthy dose of humor. Visitors should be encouraged to participate in discussions and comments need to be responded to.

End of the day, every web site marketing strategy is about stacking up as many eyeballs as possible. The bigger the count, the more the sales go up. This can then be tweaked and maximized with metrics, traffic analysis and ROI data so that future efforts can be directed towards successful strategies.

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