The Key To Making Your WordPress Blog Load Faster

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There are many benefits of having a faster wordpress blog. For one, your visitors are going to be able to access your content much faster and have a better overall experience, however, from the perspective of the search engines, this boosts the chances that you are going to be able to rank better as Google is on the record stating that website load times to drasticaly improve how a website will rank within their index.

The first think to keep in consideration here is your hosting. Is it currently powerful enough to support your traffic numbers. Whilst there are some basic and extremely popular hosts out there now, most of these shared hosting environments are simply not built to withstand large numbers of traffic. Keeping in mind that you will be sharing a server with potentially hundreds of other people, if one person has a spike in traffic, your load time will drop, and visa versa.

A common configuration for those who serve large visitor numbers is to load static files from their normal hosting account, but serve their larger files and databases from either a CDN based account, or even from a cloud based host. What this means for the end user is that they will be receiving data from the closest location possible, meaning that load times will be as fast as possible. This is a configuration used over the majority of very big and well known websites worldwide, and is hands down their secret to providing super fast hosting across the board.

It is worth noting however that using the above configuration can make doing regular backups hard, however, there are plenty of solutions available that will make very light work of this. If you are using WordPress, the easiest way to do this is to use a script that produces clone wordpress files, as this will pull data from the multiple locations, making it very easy to backup an entire site rather than going through multiple locatons.

Caching plugins are also extremely useful when working with WordPress, as by default, all processing of files with WordPress is done server side, meaning that you will be using more resources on your host. By creating a static set of HTML files instead, this means that processing of files is done on the receivers computer rather than the host, meaning that you reserve more resources for the host, making load times much faster.

Another recommendation is to start using GIF images for graphics, and JPG strictly for photos only. Both of these file formats are purpose built for each purpose, and can generate smaller file sizes. For example, if you are using a large PNG image for your header, consider shrinking it down using the GIF format, as that will take the load off your hosting resources if rolled out over your entire site.

Load time is key to both user experience, and ranking in the search engines. If your load time is bad, you will not get favors from the seearch engines, and visitors will not be all that keen to come back to your site. Just remember, above all else that with mopre complex installations, you are going to need a good backup solution. Remember to find a good script that will create clone wordpress files for you in the case that things ever go pear shaped.

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