Things to Know About Top Ranking in the Search Engines

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As you may be aware, the goal of search engine optimization is to ensure
that your website sits within the first ten suggested sites returned
by a search engine. Typically, you will want to be in the top ten
results for fairly popular keywords that are relevant to the subject of
your site. Today, many people focus on Google because it is the most
popular search engine. Therefore, when you rank well with this search
engine, you will have a chance to gain plenty of traffic. Unfortunately,
Google does not let webmasters know every single detail about how they
rank websites. This, in turn, means that good SEO cannot be achieved
with any degree of certainty.

While no one outside of the search engine companies themselves knows everything about how they work, enough can be inferred from reverse engineering and the details which the search engines are willing to share that effective search engine optimization methods have been developed. When you choose to work with our firm, we provide you with a results driven, well tested set of SEO techniques which help to get your site moving up the page rankings and we’re always in touch to tell you exactly what we’re doing for your site and how.

Why Your Site Is Not On The First Page Of Results Now

Factor 1: The Search Engine Does Not Know About Your Site. Even though
search engine spiders constantly crawl the web, they may not know about
your site. This can happen if you have a parent directory with a file
that prevents the bots from crawling your site. It can also happen if
your web host has been blacklisted because of too many spammers.

Factor 2: Your Site Has Been Indexed, but is Not Listed. Unfortunately,
this can happen for a variety of reasons. No matter whether it is caused
by indexing backlog or poor site content, things will not change until
you do start making use of SEO strategies.

Factor 3: Your Site Shows up, but not for Your Main Keywords. When it
comes right down to it, you need an SEO expert to create viable back
links and other search engine friendly elements in order to make sure
that the spiders think your site is important and relevant.

4) Your site uses the wrong keywords: If your site is using the wrong keywords, you could have plenty of traffic but no sales. A SEO company can help you to not only increase your traffic, but also sales by choosing the right keywords.

Making Visitors Into Customers

One of the things we do first when you work with us is to examine how consumers looking for the types of products and services you offer behave online. We determine what your potential customers are looking for and which keywords will work the best to bring in consumers who are ready to make a purchase from you. Once you know what
the main problem is, then you can give them tailored solution that will suit
their needs.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is a relatively simple thing, but it is also something which you need to stay on top of constantly. As a business owner, you have to be aware of how your SEO strategies are performing and continually look for ways to improve on them. Post purchase analysis is an important part of the search optimization services we offer.

Keeping In Touch With Your Target Market

There is nothing worse than letting people escape from your website
without getting their email address. Autoresponders, mini-courses, and
newsletters are absolute vital for future sales. It is important to
realize that each contact you make may just be the one that garners a

Our SEO Services Include:

Analyzing consumer demographics in your market

In depth keyword search and analysis

Identifying new keywords to reach likely buyers

Analysis of your competition

Growing your keyword list

Maximizing sales with clusters of targeted keywords

SEO-friendly landing pages and content

Build a search engine optimization blog

Create an Adword campaign, place bids, and chose appropriate keywords

Evaluate your site and its progress on a daily basis

Test new ads and other features

Refining your keyword list for better performance

Article marketing and submission

Link building through blog and forum comments

Bing and Yahoo pay per click ad campaigns

Superior 90 day “rinse and repeat” cycle.

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