Think About These Things Before You Feel Bad About Your Web Traffic Statistics

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It would be quite common for you to feel down about your web hosting statistics if they are not really where you would like them to be. You may even get to the point where quitting your website or blog is something that you are considering. However the following are some of the things that you should think about before you do anything too drastic.

– There are many successful website owners out there who never ever look at their traffic statistics and they have a good reason for this. They know already how easy it is to become obsessed with these numbers and that they can actually be quite misleading. Sometimes these numbers can be off and as well as that, they are really only indicating one part of a website’s success. It is a good idea to use these web analytics sometimes but it is not wise to depend on them all the time.

– A website can take six months or more to become successful. Don’t expect results overnight and as long as you see some progress that’s all that matters.

– Be prepared to have bad months where your growth slows down or even takes a back step. If your traffic is increasing generally then you don’t need to worry because these slow periods are quite normal. If you generally have less traffic then the first day you launched the website then this might be a problem though.

– Most websites will benefit more from quality than quantity of visitors. If you have only a few visitors but they fully engage with your website then this can be a lot more profitable then thousands of visitors who don’t give a damn about your website.

As long as you don’t rely on your website analytics too much, you should be able to learn from them. It is better to get into a habit of only looking at them once each month rather than ten times a week.

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