Understanding Hyper Local Search Engine Optimization For Law Firms

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When it comes to seo for smaller to medium-sized firms, you should think a lot more like small to mid-sized organizations. Exactly what does this mean?

First, think hyper local. Look, we all want to be number one for the heavily trafficked keyword phrases that are relevant to their law practice. The fact is that, unless you can devote a large amount each month to search engine marketing, in many instances, it’s not going to take place.

Nonetheless, as small companies understand, there are plenty of potential clients searching on the hyper local level. Because of this your search engine optimization initiatives needs to be tailored to hyper local. Listed below are a couple quick tips:

1. The Power of Links: As opposed to trying to get back links for very broad keywords, give attention to highly localized and specific keyword phrases. For instance, if you are a personal injury legal professional in Chicago, instead of acquiring “chicago injury attorney” links, perhaps you obtain “lakeview personal injury lawyer” or “belmont personal injury lawyer” inbound links (note: these keywords have not been accurately looked into and are for example purposes).

2. Hyper Local Web Directories: In addition to altering your anchor-text strategy, you should also localize the sites from which you obtain back links. Rather than acquiring backlinks from the exact same websites every other law firm is getting them (even though you should get these too), try to find hyper-localized sites. Once again, in our Chicago personal injury lawyer illustration, try to find local community websites that have link acquisition and advertising opportunities. We’ve noticed plenty of good results in simply advertising with local news websites and radio stations. Usually, these types of links are also of high quality.

3. Hyper Local Review Websites: Sites such as Yelp! are popping up all over the place. Receiving testimonials on these websites plays a huge role in increasing the visibility of your firm on the web. Claim your firm’s listing and encourage clients and co-workers to leave reviews.

Thankfully, search engine users are a very diversified bunch, I do not just mean in national origin, age, along with other socio-economic classifications. I’m referring to diversity in the ways they conduct searches. Which is key for those folks that want to increase visibility within search engines like Google.

Our Internet marketing for law firms program is built on transparency and accountability. With so many Internet marketing for law firms program out there over promising and under delivering, isn’t it time you tried one that is accountable to you?

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