What Do Bad SEO Companies Do

in search engine marketing

#1: Use the Word Secret. There are trade secrets in every industry, but there are no magic tricks in SEO. If your agency is a quality one, they will go out of their way to tell you that there are no secrets when it comes to ranking your page well.

#2: Ignore Social Media. SEO agencies that concentrate only on article directories and keyword optimization are missing out. Social Media takes subtle, careful, trust-building work, and if your company is serious about ranking online, your agency needs to be serious about social media.

#3: Imaginary Link Building. When an SEO outfit talks about building links back to your brand, but makes absolutely no mention of content creation, you know they arent serious. The word ‘building’ is used for a reason: these things take work and must be properly constructed.

#4: Too Much Up-Sale. Make sure the rates youre paying are the rates you will continue to pay. If theres extra work, any good SEO company should mention those costs and give you a consistent hourly rate (depending on the work). If youre hit with 100 new charges after signing up, cancel.

#5: Stay Open Only From 9 to 5. The fact that SEO is a business that operates entirely online gives the SEO Agencies a remarkable ability to stay open. If they are treating it like a normal workday, be careful”the internet doesnt work like that.

#6: Bombard Blog Comments and Message Boards. This is just straight-up spamming. If your SEO companys social media strategy is to annoy bloggers and forums with links”and little else”start asking some serious questions.

#7: Do No Research. If the company trying to optimize your business knows nothing about your sector, how are they going to help you? Bad agencies jump right into SEO and treat it like the same process for everyone. Good agencies know that its nothing like that.

#8: Refuse to Change. This is built into the business plan of the best SEO Agencies. Search algorithms and consumer behavior change constantly. Look at all the new forums of communication that pop up in a single year online. If your company cant keep up with them, get a new one who can.

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